Toyota Mark-X was developed with the concept of creating a dynamic and stylish rear-wheel-drive sedan that enhances the joy of driving. Sharp, deeply sculpted character lines and attractive surfaces, together with a three-lamp configuration for the headlights and an integrated rear bumper and diffuser, convey a sense of quality suitable for a luxury sedan. The Mark-X has a 2.5-liter V6 engine that generates 212 horsepower. Transmission for the Mark X is a Sequential Shift-matic transmission that offers full automatic operation as well as a pseudo-manual mode for a more controlled drive. The automatic 6-speed gearbox offers smooth and noiseless cruising. The Mark-X features excellent and innovative lighting, including a large, advanced ceiling light that uses LEDs, as well as lights in other interior areas including foot areas and doors. The lighting patterns as well as the intensity of the illumination are controlled according to the circumstances to create a new interior feel, such as when a door is open or when driving. Safety features on the Mark-X include a GOA (Global Outstanding Assessment) collision-safety body that has been further developed with a view towards lessening pedestrian injury and superior head protection performance in case of collision. ABS, EBD and SRS airbags are also standard on the Mark-X.