The X-Trail has a lot to offer drivers exploring options at the larger end of the SUV category. It’s by no means the biggest in the seven-seat SUV class though, which some may see as an advantage, and while that applies equally to the rear seats they’re fine for the limited use that most families will demand of them.

Overall, the X-Trail is a roomy car with plenty of space for passengers and their luggage. The similarity of the X-Trail to the Qashqai inside the cabin is a positive thing too, because it looks good, feels well-built and is stacked high with goodies on more expensive models in the range.

On the Road

Driving The X-Trail is well-behaved on the road and 4wd and Lock 4WD take care of off-road driving. Good for towing and load lugging too.Feel Both petrols can be noisy when revved and though the diesel clatters a little in low gears it cruises nicely, thanks to a sixth gear.Space Plenty of room in the cabin and there’s an enormous boot at 603 litres, and there’s a cargo net and practical tailgate.Equipment Alloys, aircon and some other bits and bobs at standard, while there’s kit aplenty at higher levels.Price The X-Trail diesel offers better running costs, residuals are typically good. Prices match rivals.Quality Cabin looks good and Nissan engines should be strong.