Toyota ProBox Review

Toyota introduced the Toyota Probox in 2002, and the automobile has many of the same characteristics as its predecessor. It came in two sizes: 1300cc and 1500cc. The 1300cc is available in two-wheel drive, while the 1500cc is available in two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive. A super clever four-speed automatic gearbox (Super ECT) is also available.
It falls within the category of a tiny wagon. Mostly used to deliver products as a commercial vehicle. With its multipurpose character as a family car and a work car, it provides a highly stable ride. Although it is not chosen by people looking for a luxury automobile, it is in great demand in developing and underdeveloped nations owing to its dual usage as a car that transports products and can also be converted into a compact truck with its large back. Furthermore, the car is quite affordable when compared to its usefulness, comfort, and spacious cabin.

The Interior And Exterior Features

Air conditioning, adjustable steering wheel tilt, and power windows are among the interior amenities. UV cutting glass, ABS (antilock brake system), and privacy glass are among the external characteristics. Rear fog lamp, front fog lamp, rear wiper, and front spoiler are available as options. Black mica, white, silver metallic, champagne metallic, and dark blue mica metallic are the hues offered.

Safety Features

Both the driver and the passengers are protected by airbags. Rear ELR3 point seat belt, side impact bar, centralized door lock, fourth limited front seat belt, and front seat pretensioner seat belt are among the other safety features.

Pros And Cons Of Toyota Probox

There are a number of merits for which people prefer to buy the Toyota probox. It is equipped with the technology VVTi, Variable Valve Timing with intelligence for enhancing the engine performance. It has the capacity of loading 400 kilograms and therefore it is also promoted as a “workhorse”. It is also available with rear shock absorbers.

It is not a guzzler. With a 1,496 cc petrol engine, it can run miles away with very little fuel consumption. Toyota probox is also famous for the availability of spare parts and easy to maintain nature. The astonishing feature is that it can use the spare parts of the other cars as well.

Since the car has a soft material used for the exterior, it has a vulnerable body. Therefore if you are planning to buy a used one Toyota probox, it is wise to get it inspected by a professional mechanic from the dents to the interior and engine of the vehicle. If one is not obsessed with the appearance of the car and rather interested in the performance and fuel efficiency, the Toyota probox is the right choice for you.

One of the reasons of its popularity is that it is considered as a cheap source of transport for the village people and therefore there are numbers of Toyota probox found in the village than in the city area.


Nissan Wingroad Review

Nissan Wingroad Performance

The attractive and stylish Wingraod is relatively differ than the previous lineup of Nissan wagons on the basis of three unique and significant attributes. First, the wingroad’s functionality that involves convenient features and superior attributes including washable luggage board and simple bench seat near to luggage section. Additionally, all the seats except the driver’s one can get folded through remote control. Second, the wingroad’s interior room that is highly configurable as per the driving comfort level. The diver’s and passenger’s seats can slide and recline completely – creating more space in the rear seat as compared to the other vans. Third, wingroad’s performance and efficiency that provide an enjoyable driving experience even during the off-road pathway.

Nissan Wingroad Engine Specs

Nissan wingroad is proposed with sturdy suspension system that integrates the high-end car’s specifications. The automobile comes with the option of two different engines either MR18DE or HR15DE. To deliver greater torque the all-aluminum MR18DE engine coupled with CVT in low to medium momentum ranges that result in more improvised fuel economy. However, the HR15DE engine offer enhanced torque at equivalent low to medium speed, improvised fuel consumption and quieter functioning than the earlier Wingroad lineup.

Nissan Wingroad Interior & Exterior

Nissan introduced wingroad in entirely two idiosyncratic versions; The sporty Aero series and; The standard RX/RS. Nissan wingroad’s exterior is the signature feature that comes with a smooth blend of stylish and sporty glimpse. The fine character line run along the middle of wingroad’s body stirred by the appearance of meteor tail. The rear-end style brings a vibrant 3-D gaze meanwhile, the wave-like line frame at the side windows – delivering a corporate look to the luggage as well as within the cabin area. Nissan Wingroad interior also represents an eye-catching theme of “low-profile and super-rounded”.  The comfortable driving seat with rear slide seats that can recline to 10 distinct positions – making up to almost 40-degree angle. The instrumental panel with metallic finishing, rounded and airy interior, and premium quality leather are the core features of Nissan Wingroad’s interior.

Toyota AD Wagon Review


The Nissan AD Van created from Wingroad second generation which is based on concept of modernism, stylish as well as comfortable elements. The van is huge and has a lot of space ot offer and fitted with modern equipments. Therefore, for them the term popular is also very familiar. Then came the next generation model. To the credit of AD Van, together with the next generation, it lived on the line for two more years.

Specification of Nissan Ad Van

In AD Van almost all the units that existed in Nissan class C is installed, with the exception that the two-liter motor and the engine, which were intended for export models. Virtually devoid of sound insulation and quite hard on irregularities, this versatile unit saves a 1.3 liter or 2.2-liter naturally aspirated diesel. A force of 120 1.8-liter engine but with the mechanics and the all-wheel drive – is not lighter! The transmission that Nissan ad van comes with includes 5-speed manual, 3-speed automatic and 4-speed automatic. The wheelbase of the car is 2,400 mm (94.5 in) moreover, the dimension are Length is 4,175 mm (164.4 in), Width 1,665 mm (65.6 in), Height 1,520 mm (59.8 in).


Interior & Exterior

The interior of the Nissan ad van is spacious since the car has offer a big trunk space. Moreover, talking about space the seating offers a lot of space for arms and legs so that a good height person can sit with comfort. The exterior of the car is the stylish as well as up to date. Nissan ad van comes with different styles such as 5-door wagon, 2-door pick-up and specifications that you can buy. The car Nissan ad van is affordable compared to the specifications, features and interior that the car offered.

Toyota Isis

Toyota Motors Corporation is the most well established and leading car manufacturing company. The corporation was established with a vision of the long term stability and the production and marketing of the vehicles that could completely inspire living of the valued customers across the globe. The corporate entity believes in taking people to places they have always dreamt to go and travel .Toyota isis is one of the fantastic makes that depicts the company’s outstanding potential, credibility and craftsmanship. The seven seats multipurpose van conceptualized for the first time in 2004 and continues manufacturing till today due to its ever-increasing demand for the personal and professional purposes. In the Japanese used car market, all the models of ISIS have great demand especially Toyota ISIS 2016, 2015, 2013, 2012, 2010, 2008 & 2007 are preferred by the customers.

The vehicle is not only manufactured but also assembled exclusively in the regions of Japan. The model derive its specifications form the famous and former Toyota wish, Noah and ipsum. The very first variant of the Toyota isis was fitted with the 1.8 liters of diesel engine and mated with high performing specs such as the 2 liters direct injection system, automatic transmission and dimensions that measures conveniently around 4640 mm, 1710 mm and 1670 mm for the length, width and height respectively.

The Engine and Performance Specifications of the Toyota ISIS

The performance parameters of the Toyota cars are very smartly and intricately constructed for the benefit of the environment as well as the end customers. The customers benefit in terms of the lower expenditure and fuel costs and the environment benefits in terms of the lower emissions that could adversely affect the environment. The features that collaborate for effective functioning and delivery of maximum performance includes: 1794 cc displacement, straight engine layout, four cylinders, 16 valves, balanced bore and compression ratio, petrol fuel injection, 170 torque delivery, speedy acceleration, auto transmission, four gears, 164 grams per kilometer CO2 emission and combined average mileage of 6.94 liters per 100 kilometers distance.

Other Comfort, Convenience, and Safety Amenities in Toyota ISIS

Toyota Isis is a complete package of reliability, practicality, durability, and safety for valued customers and their families. The precautionary and feasibility specifications are provided adequately for the drivers as well as the passengers. The safe drive is ensured not only for the people traveling inside the car but also for the pedestrians in case of an unavoidable circumstance.


The important specs-based and rated by the consumer reviews are: driver airbags, passenger airbags, side airbags, automatic brake assist, automatic air conditioning system, front fog lamps installed, rear split-fold, ventilated disc front brakes, power windows, seat lifter, separate folding for the back rows, sliding doors, privacy glass, smooth instrumental panel, ultraviolet glass protection, front and rear spoilers, xenon headlamps,  drum rear brakes, 60 liters of fuel tank capacity, 5.4 turning radius and seatbelts for the driver and the passengers. High-quality material is utilized in manufacturing the specs, therefore many used Toyota isis are also sold by dealers and manufacturers at incredibly reduced prices and amazingly well-maintained conditions.