Nissan NOTE

The Nissan Note, a relatively new model, was positioned between the B and C segments, bridging the gap between compact automobiles and multi-purpose vehicles.

It was a surprisingly handy choice in the small car market after being introduced at the Paris Motor Show in 2004. Despite not giving the same exciting driving experience as other tiny cars, it found its way into UK roads in 2006 and was a surprisingly useful option in the small car market.

It did, however, give consumers with a large amount of room in a secure shell at a reasonable price, which was retained when Nissan revised the model in 2013.

The second-generation Note was exactly as good as the first edition in terms of practicality, comfort, and high levels of safety, despite the lack of excitement. The 2013 model had a nice upgrade, with enhanced driving dynamics and a redesigned interior, although it may not have sparked as much interest as some of its competitors.

It was given a makeover in 2015, which includes new safety technologies and an improved choice of fuel-efficient engines, making the Note a very good buy and run value.