The 2016 Subaru Levorg GT-S Spec. B may have a bit of a silly name, but behind the badge are all the hallmarks that made its past self such a fun and formidable vehicle on any surface and in any situation.

A 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder boxer engine, constant all-wheel drive, and a modicum of sensible practicality might suggest that the Levorg has everything it needs to fill that 10-year showroom absence sized hole left by the WRX wagon.

But if Hollywood has taught us anything, it is that remakes, emotional or otherwise, don’t ever really work.

So if we ignore the Jayden Smith to Ralph Macchio type comparison and consider the Levorg a reboot rather than a remake, then Craig’s brooding maturity over Brosnan’s simplistic charm is more of a realistic parallel. The WRX wagon has grown up, and is all the better for it.

The cabin itself is pretty good and has an up-market feel to it, although it does not feel as well put together as other European manufacturers. Although some of the textiles and other materials are very plain, there are a few small details throughout the cabin that are surprisingly enjoyable to use. The infotainment screen’s machined temperature control dials and metal knobs stand out in particular.

In the Levorg, there’s no shortage of things to do or see.
The seven-inch Starlink infotainment screen, the four-inch LCD center dash pod, and the instrument cluster itself all show data. From boost pressure to driving assistance, and even the ‘GoPro’ camera view, which displays the side of the car from the left mirror at any speed, you receive a wealth of information.
It’s great for parking and keeping those beautiful black rims from getting scratched, but it also appears to be a very typical mounting position for a video camera!

It feels like a complete package – just smart and sporty enough.